Congratulations! You have found your way to breeders who are all about breeding beautiful cats and dogs to be your ideal lifelong companions. Our cats are bred for the show bench, as breed preservationists its important to breed animals that maintain the correct type. This always overshadowed by the emphasis on producing pets that are healthy, well socialised and loving. You can see more about our various breeds using the drop down Menu above. 

Our cats are successful on the show bench both locally and Nationally and can be found in pedigrees around the world. If you think showing might interest you, please let me know, I am always happy to help people start. 

Both Peter and I are members of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia, I am also a member of Dogs SA with the Tenayshus prefix registered for my Griffon Bruxellois.  You can see and read more about us and our cats at our other site at