AbOUT burmilla:

 The Burmilla is a "created" breed developed over the last 36 years, designed to show the best features of Burmese and Chinchilla, the sweet, loving and playful disposition of the Burmese and the sparkling silver coat, lambent green eyes and the contrast of eye liner and nose liner from the Chinchilla.

A very easy breed to live with, quiet and easy going. Not always the life of the party when there are strangers involved, but are very devoted to their owners. I always describe them as "Burmese without the red cordial" this makes them a fabulous pet for smaller spaces.

Miamber has a strong emphasis on developing breed type while still turning out sociable, well adjusted kittens. After 23 years we are now starting to see people who have lost their original MIamber Burmilla to old age coming back for another. 

As some of our cats are carriers of the Longhair gene I occasionally am blessed with longhair kittens in our litters. Burmilla Longhairs have a single, easy care coat that shouldn't matt or tangle like a Persian coat. Burmillas, suitable for many situations are becoming a very popular breed. I do run a waiting list for them and breed my girls when I am sure I have owners for their kittens.